New home for LetUsRead

LetUsRead is soon going to have a home! A spacious library building with space
for quite reading, a corner for coffee and snack, a TV room and what’s more, it comes with ample car parking!

Ever since LetUsRead has started lots of people, including senior citizens and college students have been calling us and enquiring whether there is a place at LetUsRead for quiet reading, combined study, preparing project work and so on. We kept saying to them that we will have that in the future. And now finally those features are becoming a reality.

Our members also may come and spend time at LetUsRead for reading magazines or
books, or to meet a friend or to have a chit-chat with us sharing ideas while having coffee and snacks.

For those who want to stay longer for any reason we may also be able to offer light meals.


Our new premise is going to be located in a sylvan setting and is hardly a kilometre away from
the heart of the city but without its usual hustle and bustle.
Let the exact location of the place be a surprise!

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Stay Tuned !

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